To support and promote the FFA organization
and its activities and agriculture education at
every level.


To cooperate with the FFA organization locally,statewide, and nationally and with the IL Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers and State Consultant Staff for Ag Education.

Meet Needs

As with any organization, the key to its success is meeting the need where the need is found. This means reaching out to where the people are.


Thus, the true strength of the Illinois FFA Alumni Association is found not at the national or state level, but in the local chapter affiliate.


To promote greater knowledge of the
agricultural industry and support ag education.


To provide a tie to the FFA and assist the
organization and education personnel and
involve former members in worthy activities.


FFA Alumni can be counted upon to give support and assistance in seeing that ag education is properly recognized by those living in our cities, and to provide employment and services through their current role, whether it be in farming or the many related fields.  


Serve the needs of the Taylorville FFA Chapter and our community.